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A day in the life of Rec Department’s Prospect Hill Tiny Tots camp

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The Prospect Hill Tiny Tots camp offers summer days of play for kids three through six years old on the playgrounds and in the classrooms of the elementary school.

At Prospect Hill, kids arrive at 9 a.m. and can play until 3 p.m. Some of the kids stay until noon, then go home, and some of them arrive at noon, eat lunch, play and then leave at 3 p.m. Some of them just stay all day.

“We just like going on the playground, playing with my friends and other things like going to art class,” said Van Merl, who’s in the six year old age group.

The teenaged counselors say that they like what they’re doing.

“My favorite part of being a counselor is playing with the kids,” said counselor Alex Pasa. “You get to really like meet different characters at camp. I have age group six though eight so there’s a lot of different types of kids, and I like to blend and just mix all of them, incorporate them all together. We all have a good time.”

The campers all like their counselors. After all, the counselors do play with the campers all day.

“One of my counselors, her name is Daniella,” said Daniella Dodaro, a camper in the six year olds. “She pushes me on the swing when I want her to, and Luke pushes me on the swing, too.”

But for counselors and CITs (counselors-in-training), it’s not always fun and games.

“Even though I love being a counselor and I love all the kids, there are some downsides,” said Ava Pietronuto, a CIT. “Some of them just don’t listen, and it’s sometimes hard to get them to do things that I want them to do.”

At Tiny Tots, there is an assistant director named Alexa Letizia and a director named Nicole Sgobbo.

“I like being a counselor because I get to interact with the kids, and they’re all really great,” said Letizia. “There are some more difficult ones, but they all have something different, and I like their little personalities.”

For most age groups, they follow a regular routine. Camper named Sandy Joachim had a lot to say about his group’s routine and how happy it made him. “I walk to the playground, then I play for a little while. Then I go inside and play inside with the Play-Doh. Then if it’s raining then I don’t go to the playground. I just watch a movie.”

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A day in the life of Rec Department’s Prospect Hill Tiny Tots camp