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WP Tavern: ‘How the Student-Owned Pelham Examiner Uses WordPress…’

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WP Tavern, a site focused on all things WordPress, wrote about how the Pelham Examiner uses WordPress software to publish online. (WordPress is the world’s most popular open-source platform for building websites.)

How the Student-Owned Pelham Examiner Uses WordPress to Empower Young Journalists

When the News of Pelham became another casualty of the blighted newspaper industry, student journalist contributors lost a platform for their voices to be heard. Their advisor, Rich Zahradnik, called a meeting to address the paper’s closure. More than a dozen middle and high school kids showed up and decided to start their own paper: The Pelham Examiner.

Zahradnik is a former journalist who has been volunteering for years in the local elementary schools, teaching kids how to write news stories…(click to read the rest of the story)

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WP Tavern: ‘How the Student-Owned Pelham Examiner Uses WordPress…’