Pelham Examiner

2018 Staff

Ben Glickman

Executive Editor

Ben Glickman is a senior at Pelham Memorial High School. He started his journalism career writing for the school newspaper, the Pel Mel, as a columnist and editorial writer. In addition to writing for the Examiner, Ben competes...

Francesca Di Cristofano

Managing Editor

Francesca Di Cristofano’s journalism career began in 2011 as a founding editor of the Colonial Times. She is now a senior at Pelham Memorial High School who is on the varsity volleyball team, plays the flute, is part of the...

Charlotte Howard

Assistant Managing Editor

Charlotte Howard found her passion for writing, design and reporting from the Colonial Times and the yearbook committee. She is excited to be back and writing for the Pelham Examiner. Charlotte jumps for winter track and als...

Nick Lieggi

Assistant Managing Editor/Sports

Nick is a junior at Pelham Memorial High School. His journalism career began at the Pelham Examiner in sports writing. An award winning political essayist, Nick also is a member of his school's forensic speech team and Model ...

Violet Massie-Vereker

Opinions & Ideas Editor

Violet Massie-Vereker is a senior at Pelham Memorial High School. Her experience in journalism includes writing for the News of Pelham for the past two years, serving as Youth Beat Senior Editor and photographer in 2018. In addition...

Ella Stern

Politics Editor

Ella Stern is a rising senior at Pelham Memorial High School. She is a captain on the varsity track and field team, an avid member of several clubs, and associate features editor on the high school's newspaper The Pel Mel. Ella...

Daniella Cherner

Social Media Editor

Daniella Cherner is a senior at Pelham Memorial High School. In addition to writing for the Pelham Examiner, she runs on the cross country and track teams at PMHS and plays both the violin and the trumpet.

Margot Phillips

Literary Editor

Margot Wiehagen Phillips is in the 10th grade at PMHS. She has a passion for biology, reading, and writing. Currently, she is the literary editor for the Examiner, and has previously written for the News of Pelham, Colonial Times,...

Sam Rodd

Entertainment Editor

Sam Rodd is a senior at Pelham Memorial High School and a lover of theater, music and movies. He spends most of his time rehearsing in musicals and plays. In his free time, he loves to over-analyze movies and other artistic works....

Michael Salama

Contributing Editor

Michael Salama is a senior at Pelham Memorial High School who contributes to the arts, humanities and athletics of the community. A fanatic for soccer, Michael plays year-round and is captain of the Pelham varsity team, and pa...

Julia Rosenberg

Food Editor

I am currently a junior at Pelham Memorial High School. I love food and everything related to it, especially vegetables (I am a pescatarian!)

Jamie Burke

Education Editor

Hi! I'm Jamie. From a young age, I enjoyed writing pretend "newspapers" for my family and neighbors. I always loved writing and am thrilled to be a part of the Pelham Examiner. I am currently a freshman at Pelham Memorial High...

Gabby Ahitow

News Editor

When I moved to Pelham, I got my first taste of being a reporter. My elementary school, Colonial, had a paper of its own. and I started writing as a reporter. Later that year, I became a editor of my own section. In fifth grade,...

Julia Kindig

Living Editor

My name is Julia Kindig. I will be in seventh grade at Pelham Middle School. I love to read, write, sail, dance, do gymnastics and play the flute. I have two sisters (Caitlin and Hannah Kindig) and a dog (Ellie). I moved from...

Caitlin Kindig

Senior Editor

Caitlin (Cait) is a rising second-year student at McGill University majoring in English-cultural studies. She was a news editor and co editor-in-chief of The Pel Mel and is currently a news editor for her university's primary...

Jack Howard

Senior Editor

From an early age, Jack discovered a love for writing. In his sophomore year of high school, Jack's journalism career began. Jack joined the Pel Mel, which is the longtime school newspaper at Pelham Memorial High School. He worked...

Daniel Bernstein

Staff Reporter

Daniel Bernstein is a rising senior at Pelham Memorial High School. He has been a member of the Pelham Varsity Football and Lacrosse teams, as well as the Secretary General, or President, of Pelham Model UN. He participates in...

Lily Burns

Photo Editor

Lily Burns is a senior at Pelham Memorial High School. She is passionate about photography and has a new found interest in journalism. Lily is eager to expand her journalism and photography skills through the Pelham Examiner....

Victor Chang

Staff Reporter

Victor Chang is a seventh grade writer studying at Pelham Middle School. He periodically writes for the Pelham Examiner about current events in the town. He has previously written for the News of Pelham and the Pelham Post. He...

Julia Findikyan

Staff Reporter

Hi I'm Julia Findikyan. My favorite place in the world is Michigan. I love the color blue, and my favorite book series is Keeper of the Lost Cities. My favorite food is pasta. I play the piano and flute and love to sing. I was...

Kira Findikyan

Staff Reporter

Kira loves writing and reading, so newspaper is perfect for her. She also loves singing, acting, dancing, playing the cello and piano and mac and cheese! Kira is currently writing for the Colonial Times for her second year and...

Delia Lavallee

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Delia Lavallee.  I am so excited to be a part of this. I will make sure to be very active on the Pelham Examiner. I have done the Hutchinson School newspaper for two years. I am a fifth grader from Hutchinson Elementary...

Stella Winter

Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Stella Winter! I wrote for the News of Pelham, which was fun, and now I write for the Pelham Examiner. I like to read historical fiction and science fiction like "A Wrinkle in Time" with my kitten Alice.

Julian Wisdom

Staff Reporter

The more one knows about the world, the better they can act in it. I hope that my writing helps people understand the world so that they can accomplish their goals and live satisfying lives.

Gillian Ho

Staff Reporter

Gillian Ho is a staff reporter of the Pelham Examiner. Gillian has written for the Colonial Times before, also.  

Lark Martin

Staff Reporter

Lark Martin is a fun and sporty 12 year old girl. She is in 6th grade at Pelham Middle School. Lark loves playing sports like horseback riding, tennis, football, and volleyball. She can also play multiple instruments. She can...

Julia Plourde

Staff Reporter

Julia Plourde is a senior at Pelham Memorial High School. She is involved in Science Olympiad, Habitat for Humanity, Model U.N., and the PMHS concert chorus. She also participates in the Science Research program, where she is...

Bernadette Russo

Staff Reporter

Bernadette Russo is a junior at Pelham Memorial High School and has a passion for writing and music. She is an editor for the school’s newspaper, the Pel Mel, a member of the science research program, and a member of Model ...

Soren Bushong

Staff Photographer

Soren Bushong is a sophomore at Pelham Memorial High School and excited to become a photographer for the Pelham Examiner. He is in the school Student Association and a member of many clubs such as Model United Nations and Military...

Margot Wies

Staff Reporter

Margot Wies is a sophomore at Pelham Memorial high school who has had experience writing for the Colonial Times. In her free time, Margot enjoys creating art, listening to music and fundraising for LLS. She is excited to resume...

Sophia Shulzhenko

Staff Reporter

Sophia Shulzhenko is a sophomore at Pelham Memorial High School. She is a coxswain for rowing and spends free time fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She is very excited to join the Pelham Examiner.

Ellianna Bryan

Staff Reporter

Ellianna Bryan is a junior at Pelham Memorial High School. She is a first time journalism writer but excited to develop a passion for writing for the Pelham Examiner. She enjoys listening to music and learning about new and up...

Ava Pursel

Staff Reporter

Ava is a 7th grader at Pelham Middle School, and is so excited to be writing for her first newspaper. Aside from loving to write, Ava also enjoys theater and anything that has to do with eating. She can't wait to pursue her career...

Tommy Roche

Staff Reporter

Tommy Roche is a sophomore at Pelham Memorial High School. In addition to contributing to the Examiner, he is a member of the Science Research program, Forensics Speech team, Model UN, and the PMHS Band as a trombone player. Roche...

Caroline Gammon

Staff Reporter

Caroline Gammon is a fifth grader at Siwanoy School.  She enjoys playing soccer and basketball, and in her free time, loves to bake, write stories, do gymnastics, and dance.  She writes for her school newspaper, the Siwanoy...

Justin Woodward

Staff Reporter

I am a 16-year-old student-athlete at Pelham Memorial High School. I play football, track and field, and baseball.

Philip Dulock

Staff Reporter

Philip Dulock is a junior at Pelham Memorial High School. Outside of school, his main focus is sports. Philip is involved in soccer and rugby, one of which he will hopefully pursue (along with writing) in college.

Sabine Bushong

Staff Reporter

Hi! I'm Sabine, and I am going into sixth grade. I  love all animals. My  family fosters dogs, and I love it. I like to write for newspaper and hope to do it for a long time. I enjoy reading and hanging out with my friends....

Charlotte Seligman

Staff Reporter

Charlotte Seligman is an 11-year old girl who loves to act, sing, play soccer, volleyball and write for newspapers. In her free time, she finds herself singing around anywhere she goes and practicing for musicals. Charlotte's...

Ciara Lynch

Staff Reporter

My name is Ciara Lynch, and I am very excited to start writing for the Pelham Examiner. I enjoy cooking, especially baking, and I do it in whatever free time I have. I love drawing and painting, too, and I mostly draw or paint...

Stephen Tahbaz

Staff Reporter

Stephen Tahbaz is a junior at Pelham Memorial High School. He is a three-season athlete, co-founder of the PMHS Young Republicans Club, undersecretary of the Model United Nations club and member of the band and jazz band. When...