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Pelham Country Club board addresses community on vandalism and theft at club

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To the editor:

As the Board of Governors of Pelham Country Club, we find ourselves in an unfortunate and unprecedented position.

We are writing to inform you of a series of acts of vandalism and theft at the Club by the children of members and non-members alike. Most recently, a group of teenagers were caught by our security guard attempting to break into the snack house on the golf course, causing costly damage. This follows two incidents of golf carts being stolen and driven into streams on the course, a break-in at the snack house, significant damage to one of the golf greens that appears to be caused by urine and alcohol and numerous parties on the course resulting in hours of staff time to clean up garbage left behind. All told, the damages are in the tens of thousands of dollars.

These acts are illegal and are unacceptable by any standard of good community behavior. The actions also put those involved at significant risk of serious injury. As the stewards of the Club and parents raising families in Pelham, the Board is angered and saddened by these events. We are also compelled to take action.

We ask that you support us in our efforts—first and foremost by discussing appropriate behavior, the potential consequences of violating laws and the risk of injury from such acts with your children.  We also ask that you read the information below and make your children aware of it.

  • The golf course closes at dusk. No one is allowed on the course after dark for any reason and accessing the course during this time is trespassing. 
  • Anyone caught on the golf course or any other closed areas of the Club will be turned over to police—Pelham Manor or New Rochelle, depending where the incident occurs.  
  • We will pursue reimbursement for damages from both members and non-members caught vandalizing the Club, and such actions may result in criminal charges being brought by local authorities.
  • We are enhancing security throughout the Club grounds. This should serve as a deterrent to such behavior and will be used as a mechanism to identify and pursue disciplinary or legal action and seek reimbursement.
  • PCC is not liable for any injury sustained by anyone trespassing on Club property.

Obviously, this is not a letter that we wanted to write in our capacity as Board members or parents. We understand and, in many cases, know from experience that our teenage children will test limits and sometimes lack good judgment. But we do not want to be in the position of taking disciplinary action, or worse, confronting a potentially life-changing injury to a member of our community.

Again, we ask for your support in ending this epidemic of bad behavior and protecting our children.


The Board of Governors

Pelham Country Club

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Pelham Country Club board addresses community on vandalism and theft at club